Monday, May 11, 2009

Sex and Internet Addiction

An article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer this morning talked quite a bit about sex addictions and internet addictions going hand in hand. Dr. David Greenfield, an expert in the sex addiction world, said he had never seen a case like Greenwich, CT resident Stephen Dent, who spent, in at least one case, up to $200,000 on women for casual sex.

A quote that is interesting to me is this: Dr. Greenfield stated, "We can't really talk about sex addiction today without talking about the Internet." With all of the dating sites like and even getting into the adult "friend finder"-type sites, the ability for an individual to engage in sex addiction. The internet, as with any other addiction, has made access to addictive substances much much easier. There are websites almost specifically tailored to feed sex addiction. Also, online pharmacies have created the ability for individuals to easily manipulate the system and acquire addictive medications from different doctors. There has been a study done showing that teen pill use has TRIPLED in the last 10 years, almost all as a result of the internet.

Bottom line is, we need to provide resources and education for parents and families around all of this. The education on how to recognize sex addiction and the compulsive behaviors around that are huge. Most families aren't able to recognize it until it's too late to salvage relationships. We NEED to bring this to light. Although there has been progress, we need to continue to educate the public about the resources available for help, as well as signs and symptoms.

Here's a video from CBS talking about sex addiction:

Here's a link to a video talking about internet addiction.

And here's something funny.

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  1. Great post Mike,
    We recently discussed the exact same issue on our blog. There's little doubt that the internet has made porn addiction much easier and more accessible.

    How to deal with this is the next big issue...