Monday, May 4, 2009

Addiction and young adults

In Milwaukee this week, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation awarded a $100,000 grant to Community Advocates, Inc. to support the Milwaukee Addiction Treatment Initiative.

The Milwaukee Treatment Initiative is a great project- they are working to close the gap in providing treatment services to those who need it. According to research, almost 21% of those between 18-25 in Wisconsin fit the criteria for a need of addiction treatment, compared to 17% nationally. This project shows good initiative for a grassroots movement to improve addiction treatment.

As someone who got sober at a young age, I am in full support of this. One of the biggest problems is the myth that college is a place to go crazy for four years and then adjust to the real world. The truth is, many kids go to college without proper preparation for the struggles they will face. Addiction and alcoholism go hand-in-hand with the feelings of uncomfortability and uncertainty, and those are feelings that run rampant in college students. The resources available on college campuses are woeful at best, and it's hard for college students to find the help they need without family help. When families aren't educated about the signs of addiction and depression, a kid can get in deep trouble on a college campus.

Milwaukee is taking a lot of steps to improve this, and I applaud them for it. We always need more resources available, and it's good to see foundations stepping up to support further resources and research.

Make sure to check out this video about where I work, Sober Living By The Sea. Thanks to Michael Hurst, our web designer, for posting this video and managing our blog.

Here's an interesting video regarding Erin Brockovich and her daughter's struggles with addiction:

As usual, here's something funny.

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