Monday, February 23, 2009

The Genetic Link

Thanks to Adi Jaffe over at All About Addiction for bringing up a great topic. Genetics and addiction have been talked about for decades; it was often brought up in people's stories of have a long lineage of alcoholic parents, grandparents, cousins, nephews, etc. and now has been proven to have a genetic link. The University of Utah did a great study on the genetics of addiction, even though they used incorrect grammar on the heading of their website!

One of my favorite phrases is, "Genetics load the gun, and environment pulls the trigger." The basic gist of the research shows people with a certain gene have a tendency towards being unable to quit once they have started drinking or using. However, should an individual have a great support system, education, and concept of a family history, then addiction is preventable. Basically, for families with a long line of addiction, one needs not even QUESTION if the gene is prevalent; families simply need to prepare and educate the next generation on the devastating effects of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction. Once armed the the powerful tools of education and awareness, a family can work towards prevention.

For something interesting about addiction and genes, watch this:

For something hilarious, click here.

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