Monday, February 2, 2009

Continuing Care

The Hazelden Foundation published a study in December regarding results of a research project about the importance of continuing care (you can find the study here.) The study shows a marked improvement when individuals in treatment follow their aftercare recommendation (specifically, this study is around outpatient and 12-step meetings). The basic underlying fact, and my experience, is this: the more engaged we can keep clients for the first year, the easier it is for them to achieve, or at least get on the road to, a successful recovery. If they go out on their own, are detached from their initial peer group and/or treatment center, and don't follow the recommended aftercare plan, their chances of success are slim. We, as an industry, need to do a better job recommending and enforcing aftercare recommendations; too many people are still under the impression that a person can go to treatment for 28 days and be "fixed." Once again, another stigma we have to break through!

Here's a PSA ad I found interesting and hadn't seen before:

Here's my favorite Super Bowl commercial from last night:

Here's something entertaining. Click here for some amazing art. Or here.

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  1. Someone needs to show research like this to the powers that be in VA addictions treatment...

  2. That PSA was done pro bono by Merkley and Partners in NY. If you want to see more of their work for the Ad Council:

  3. The ad for the US department for health and human services was done pro bono by Merkley and Partners. To check out more examples of their work they did for the Ad Council: