Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Father Martin's passing

With the passing of Reverend Joseph C. Martin last week, we in the recovery field lost a great man. An article in the Baltimore Sun described a huge, overflow funeral mass for him. He's touched many alcoholics around the globe via his videos, his talks, and the treatment center he founded, Father Martin's Ashley. This is a great loss for us, and a signal to move forward with an attitude of gratitude for those of us who still get to help people recover.

"All I wanted to do was fix a few drunks." -Father Martin

Here's some Chalk Talk:

Make sure to check it out and remember his example when we're working with the alcoholics who are struggling to make it.

"I’ll die with a piece of chalk in my hands, talking with a bunch of drunks and addicts." -Father Martin

EVERYONE should check this out.

And here's something funny.

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